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College of Health and Community Well-Being

College of Health and Community Well-Being

A new era of healthcare requires new ways of looking at and teaching health.

In response to a significant rise in preventable health-related disease; growing disparities and inequities in healthcare; growing public and individual health threats; and a deepening shortage of healthcare, mental health, and health science professionals, the University of La Verne provides health and well-being degree programs that will improve the quality of life for our students and the region.

This includes the delivery of quality patient care, essential laboratory and health sciences work behind the scenes, emotional well-being services, and many fields in between.

Agents of Positive Change

Our students – today’s and tomorrow’s champions of health – will be rewarded with meaningful careers that create positive change in their communities. With skill, compassion and empathy, they will treat each patient as a whole person with an understanding of all the factors that impact and can improve health and quality of life.

They will use critical thinking and problem-solving to develop new ways to approach health sciences and healthcare challenges. And with solid leadership, communication, and collaboration skills, will have what it takes to excel in their chosen fields and lead others in action and in thought.

One College, 10 Degrees to Explore

The College of Health and Community Well-Being offers 10 undergraduate and graduate degree programs in nursing, health administration, physician assistant practice, child life, psychology and therapy, clinical psychology, and athletic training.