Tuition Refunds

To discuss the University Refund Policy, please contact Student Accounts at (909) 448-4060.

Tuition Credits/Refunds

To be eligible for tuition credit(s), a student must drop/withdraw online or complete a Program Change Form before the tuition credit deadline for each trimester or term. The date of withdrawal for purposes of tuition credit shall be the date on which the Office of the Registrar (or the office of the student’s regional campus) receives the official Program Change Form. Tuition credits will only be granted for students who officially drop or withdraw in writing before the deadline. If eligible, a refund will be generated within 14 days of the date the student’s account reflects a credit status. Checks are mailed to the student’s mailing address.

Tuition Refund/Credit Policy

Withdrawal from courses seven weeks or longer Refund %
First week of classes 100%
Second week of classes 75%
Third week of classes 50%
Beyond the third week of classes Not eligible for a refund

*Courses that are seven weeks or longer are eligible for a 50% refund, if the student withdraws during the third week of classes. Courses that are less than seven weeks are not eligible for a 50% refund.

Refund Transactions

A student who is eligible for a refund due to excess financial aid and who used a credit card to pay any and all of his or her tuition and fees will have a refund processed to his or her credit card up to the amount of the payment. This policy applies to all credit card transactions, regardless of the order of payment. Any credit over the amount paid by credit card will be processed through direct deposit or paper check.