The program requires 27 consecutive months of academic and clinical coursework that will confer a Master’s degree (118 credit hours). This is a full-time professional program that will typically be scheduled from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. every weekday and some weekends.

Please Note

The following requirements adhere to the university’s 2023-24 admission standards for students beginning Fall 2023.

Degree Requirements

Total Program: 118 semester hours

Didactic Instruction Year I (15 months)
Fall Semester Hours
PA 501 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 3
PA 513 Pathophysiology I 2
PA 511 General Medicine I 3
PA 512 General Medicine II 3
PA 514 Physical Assessment I 3
PA 515 Applied Pharmacology I 2
PA 508 Clinical Procedures I 2
PA 506 Evidence Based Medicine 1
PA 507 Pediatrics I 2
Semester Hours 21
PA 503 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 3
PA 523 Pathophysiology II 2
PA 521 General Medicine III 8
PA 524 Physical Assessment II 3
PA 525 Applied Pharmacology II 2
PA 518 Clinical Procedures II 1
PA 517 Pediatrics II 2
Semester Hours 21
PA 505 Health Medicine and Society I 2
PA 502 Genetics of Health and Disease for Physician Assistants 2
PA 522 General Medicine IV 6
PA 534 Physical Assessment III 3
PA 535 Applied Pharmacology III 3
Semester Hours 16
Fall 2
PA 516 Health Medicine and Society II 3
PA 531 General Medicine V 6
PA 536 Introduction to Clinical Medicine 2
PA 532 Clinical Procedures III 2
PA 504 Research 1
Semester Hours 14
Clinical Instruction Year II (12 months)
PA 601 Supervised Clinical Rotation I: Family Medicine I 4
PA 602 Supervised Clinical Rotation II: Family Medicine II 4
PA 603 Supervised Clinical Rotation III: Internal Medicine 4
PA 605 Intro to Medical Practice 2
PA 604 Masters Project I 2
Semester Hours 16
PA 611 Supervised Clinical Rotation IV: Pediatrics 4
PA 612 Supervised Clinical Rotation V: Women’s Health 4
PA 613 Supervised Clinical Rotation VI: Psych/Behavioral Medicine 4
PA 614 Masters Project II 2
Semester Hours 14
Fall 1
PA 621 Supervised Clinical Rotation VII: Surgery 4
PA 622 Supervised Clinical Rotation VIII: Emergency Medicine 4
PA 623 Supervised Clinical Rotation IX: Elective 4
PA 624 Masters Project III 2
PA 625 Comprehensive Review and Examinations 2
Semester Hours 16
Total Semester Hours 118

* Clinical Assignments: During the clinical year, students who have successfully completed the didactic phase will be assigned to Supervised Clinical Rotations. Students will be assigned to supervised clinical rotations settings in varying sequence, completing all 9 required rotations by the end of the clinical year. These assignments do not necessarily follow the structured order of courses as posted, but are determined by student need and preceptor and site availability.

Please click on the following document for the PA Program Didactic and Clinical Course Sequencing.

Interested in becoming a Clinical Preceptor/ Affiliate?

If you are a solo practice, medical group, clinic or hospital interested in becoming a clinical preceptor and affiliate for the University of La Verne Physician Assistant Program please email the program director at