Minoring in Kinesiology

A minor in kinesiology is designed to supplement a degree from another department. Candidates for the minor look to combine an interest in the sports sciences with another academic discipline. A minor in Kinesiology may be earned by taking the following courses, or individually designed in conjunction with a Kinesiology Faculty member and approved by the Department Chair.

Degree Requirements

Total program: 30 semester hours

BIOL 343 Human Anatomy serves as the prerequisite course for KINE 355 Anatomical Kinesiology and KINE 456 Physiology of Exercise

Core Requirements

26 semester hours

KINE 001Fitness for Life2
KINE 201Foundations of Kinesiology4
KINE 323Biomechanics4
KINE 355Anatomical Kinesiology4
KINE 456Physiology of Exercise4
Total Semester Hours18


A minimum of 8 upper division semester hours from KINE courses selected in consultation with the KINE department chair. Additional Minor options can be developed with the Department Chair.