Minoring in Kinesiology

A minor in kinesiology is designed to supplement a degree from another department. Candidates for the minor look to combine an interest in the sports sciences with another academic discipline. A minor in Kinesiology may be earned by taking the following courses, or individually designed in conjunction with a Kinesiology Faculty member and approved by the Department Chair.

Total program: 30 semester hours

Prerequisite for KINE 355 and KINE 456

Code Course Title Units
BIOL 343 Human Anatomy 4

Core Requirements: 30 semester hours

Code Course Title Units
KINE 151 Fitness for Life 2
KINE 230 Foundations of Kinesiology 4
KINE 323 Biomechanics 4
KINE 333 Curriculum and Organization in Physical Education 4
KINE 355 Anatomical Kinesiology 4
KINE 456 Physiology of Exercise 4


A minimum of 8 upper-division semester hours from KINE courses selected in consultation with the KINE department chair. Additional Minor options can be developed with the Department Chair.