Degree Requirements

PETE Concentration total program: 60 semester hours
HHP Concentration total program: 53 semester hours
Athletic Training Concentration total program: 60 semester hours

Prerequisite Requirement

4 semester hours

  • BIOL 343 Human Anatomy

Core Requirements

26 semester hours

KINE 001Fitness for Life2
KINE 201Foundations of Kinesiology4
KINE 323Biomechanics4
KINE 345Research Methods & Design4
KINE 355Anatomical Kinesiology4
KINE 456Physiology of Exercise4
KINE 456LPhysiology of Exercise Lab0
KINE 499Senior Project4
Select one of the following concentrations:23-30
PETE Concentration
HHP Concentration
Total Semester Hours49-56

PETE Concentration

30 semester hours

KINE 210Skill Themes and Movement Concepts2
KINE 211Using Sport & Physical Activity to Teach Personal & Social Responsibility2
KINE 212Teaching Games to Enhance Physical Literacy2
KINE 213Enhancing Physical Literacy through Sport Education2
KINE 214Promoting Lifelong Fitness2
KINE 215Methods and Practices of Teaching Gymnastics and Dance2
KINE 250Introduction to Adapted Physical Education4
KINE 330Elementary Physical Education4
KINE 333Curriculum and Organization in Physical Education4
KINE 390Motor Behavior4
KINE 460Philosophy of Physical Education and Athletics2
Total Semester Hours30

HHP Concentration

23 semester hours

KINE 390Motor Behavior4
A minimum of 3 Instructional Activity Courses 10-3
KINE electives (upper-division courses)8
A minimum of 8 semester hours of Advisor-approved related coursework8
Total Semester Hours20-23

KINE 002 Step Aerobics-KINE 048 Fundamentals of Water Polo.

Athletic Training (AT) Concentration: 30 semester hours

The Athletic Training Concentration for the Kinesiology Major is designed for students who are interested in a pathway towards becoming a certified athletic trainer. Athletic trainers are healthcare providers who work with patients in a variety of settings including: college and universities, high schools, hospitals and rehabilitation clinics, performing arts centers, fitness and recreation sports centers. In order to attain Athletic Training BOC certification, an individual must complete a Professional level athletic training education program accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE) and pass the BOC certification exam.

Students in the AT Concentration may be eligible to apply to the Masters of Science in Athletic Training (MSAT) program; additionally they may be eligible to use graduate MSAT credits to fulfill the undergraduate degree.