Curriculum and Schedule

The PsyD program consists of a total of 120 semester hours (SH), which includes 98 SH of academic course work and clinical practicum, 10 SH of pre-doctoral clinical internship, and 12 SH of doctoral dissertation.

The first three years of the program consist of academic course work in psychological theory, clinical assessment, theory and techniques, statistics and research, and development of the dissertation proposal. The required clinical practica are completed during the second and third years of the program, and consists of a total of at least 1,500 clock hours of clinical experiences at two different practicum sites. Some students also take an elective practicum in their fourth year to either round out their experiences, or to develop additional expertise in a specific content area.

The fourth year of the program consists of the remaining elective course work, courses in supervision and consultation skills, and completion of the doctoral dissertation. The internship, completed in the last year of the program, consists of at least 1,500 clock hours of supervised clinical experience at an approved internship site.



Current and Upcoming Schedules

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